Small Business Technical Research

Through our access to many digital libraries and proximity to libraries at the Library of Congress as well as great universities, we can assist you in developing winning proposals, contributing to white-papers, performing technical research for patent searches and copyright information.

SpecTechnical Computer Services is a small woman-owned consulting services company providing extensive expertise in Desktop Publishing, Custom Software Development, Office Automation, Bookkeeping, Small and Micro Business Development.

Capabilities Include:

Software Development and Programming
We have more than 30 years experience in custom development with a multitude of languages. Our consultants can assist you through all phases of the software development lifecycle - inception, elaboration, construction,  transition, production.  Languages include C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and XML.

Database Design and Implementation
Areas of expertise include MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQLServer and Oracle. Database types include Data Warehouse, Decision Support, OLAP and OLTP.

Desktop Publising and Bookkeeping Support
Accounting reports and data entry service. Specializing in Intuit QuickBooks. Additionally providing Microsoft Office custom integration with Excel and Access

Software, Hardware, Telecommunications and Network Support
Software installation and configuration.  Custom PC construction.  Server maintenance

Web Design, Development, and Maintenance
Front-End Web Based Application Development such as HTML, JavaScript, and JSP programming languages. Additional capabilities include middle-tier integration through EJBs, JMS messaging, Web Services and more. Integration of application servers such as JBoss,  WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere with open technologies such as J2EE, J2SE, XML, WDSL and JMS.

Quality/Information Assurance
Disciplined in CMMI, PMI and security standards, we provide Quality Assurance services for meeting customers' SEI needs. Configuration management strategies, naming conventions, unit and integration testing, in addition to process improvement. Information Assurance services include compliance reviews for federal and military security and privacy standards. Familiarity with available certified software which conform to existing regulations.

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